Installation of shrink-wrapped film

Seal It Construct


Seal-It-ConstructSeal-It-Construct is a company specialized in delivering and placing shrink-wrapped film, shielding walls, floor covering, nets, tarpaulins and banners.

At the same time Seal-It-Construct can also be your subcontractor for the assembly and disassembly of your scaffolding, work platforms, stair towers, supports and related rack constructions.

We offer these services in various sectors including construction, renovation, asbestos removal, jet and painting works, industrial, commercial and residential applications. We are also active in wrapping and shielding installations and large objects for maintenance, transportation, publicity and maritime purposes.

Through Seal-It-Construct you work with professionals who like to deliver nice and tailor-made work. Therefore, we continuously invest in our products and services, the talents of our employees, new applications as well as the relationship with our suppliers, customers, partners and sectors.

Upon your request we will provide a detailed quotation for the delivery and placement of the desired products and services. Our people are flexible, experienced and accurate labour forces which work under the highest standards of service, quality and safety.

Through its exceptional approach, Seal-It-Construct has grown into one of the home suppliers of some major and prestigious construction, renovation and industrial partners in Belgium. Our central location in Brussels ensures that Seal-It-Construct can always carry out its specialized work with unmatched flexibility and speed without compromising on quality, safety and environment.

If case of further questions, please contact us for further information.


Shrink-wrapped film

Seal-It-Construct shrink-wrapped film allows you to wrap, shield or protect something against external factors such as rain, cold, sun, dust and other contaminants.

Shielding walls

Through Seal-It-Construct shielding walls we offer you a system that allows your staff to perform their construction, renovation or other work on one side of the shielding wall, while on the other side of the shielding wall, day-to-day activities can continue unhindered.

Floor covering

Through Seal-It-Construct floor covering, we ensure that your construction, renovation, installation, repair, transportation or other works can be performed without you or your subcontractors unwillingly damaging the existing floor surface.

Assembly & Disassembly of scaffolding

Seal-It-Construct can also act as your specialized partner for the assembly and/or disassembly of your scaffolding, work platforms, staircase towers, supports and related constructions.

Nets & Tarpaulins

Through Seal-It-Construct nets and tarpaulins we offer you a system that allows your construction, renovation and other works to be carried out without you or your subcontractors causing nuisance by dust, tiny debris or jet grid.